The project aims to tell the brand’s story from the wearer’s point of view.

We will be observing the events concerning the girls from the perspective of one of them, who will transform the autumn setting into a warm and exotic summer fantasy thanks to her imagination. Everything will be clear through the graphic work applied to the images with the aim of giving a concrete representation of the imaginary vision of the oncoming summer.

The entire work will be guided by a real aesthetic sense with the purpose of conveying as much as possible the different and rich personalities of the protagonists, focusing mainly on the natural dynamics involved among a heterogeneous group of girls.

A series of photos will be edited in order to give voice to the imagination of a young girl who longs for an upcoming summer, escaping from reality and enriching it. We will be thrown into a disruptive fantasy with exotic shapes and colours, although there will be no boundaries in the expression of this innocent dream, and the relation with the reality of the situation will be emphasized by the presence of clothes and the shapes they suggest, with patterns and colours.

From the imaginary generated by this dream vision, a video capable of enclosing a positive message of the brand will be created, giving voice to the imaginary of a young girl who longs for an oncoming summer, escaping from it and enriching the reality of a group of friends living a despotic winter.