This summer Morpho + Luna met Spaghetti Digitali: a combination of creativity! As an eclectic web agency that actively collaborates with different professionals, Spaghetti Digitali shared the desire for change in Morpho + Luna’s communication, keeping faith with the poetics behind the brand. Hence the meeting with Didi, an illustrator from Milan who worked alongside the storyteller to narrate the brand with new words, but above all with new visions: those of fairy tales.

The new collection by Morpho + Luna breaks the narrative schemes of communication and dares, making use of illustrated fairy tales to launch Jardin de Nuit 2020-2021, in order to revive the Signature collection and finally introduce the new line dedicated to the home.

Didi’s style approaches the paper with humor and accuracy, exalting the magical details of fairy tales, the key elements present in the plots. Some of them are animated, others are simply colored. The palette of the new collection “Jardin de Nuit” is illuminated on the digital sheet, while the strong symbols linked to the brand name inspire the subjects of the tales, providing magic, strength and new energy.