551NM (5 days 5 models 5 iPhones 1 location)

Il social shooting non si limita a scattare, ma pretende il live oltre le pose. Cinque stanze per cinque ragazze, ognuna The social shooting isn’t just about shooting, but it aims to go beyond the poses to make the shots real. Five rooms for five girls, each with a smartphone ready to make social stories. The staff behind the scenes will be with them too, in order to create a social-reality that talks on behalf of the brand and is dressed for it.


Live communication is now a necessity, but no one has ever narrated a shooting “live” before. This encouraged a new way of communicating, by redefining the role of a photo shooting through social reality, with a truthful storytelling. Here are some keywords that have inspired us:

Authenticity: it means following these girls on a daily basis, surprising them in their moments of relaxation, and sharing their most intimate activities.Empathy: it implies letting them tell their own story, creating User-Generated-Content to empathize with users.

Interest: it’s about engaging the fanbase through real content which is in line with the features of reality shows – the fact of being live – while keeping pace with today’s way of communicating: social network.